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Odd 'What If?' Scenario~
 Really weird question: 
How would the SEED story have changed if Lacus Clyne had gone to visit Heliopolis for a concert? 

My theory for why she is performing in Orb territory is to advertise a peace treaty between PLANTs and Orb. If Siegel Clyne had gone about it the right way then this situation would have been possible, both he and Uzumi Nara Athha strike me as men with similar ideals who would do anything they could to protect their people so...yeah... 
Having Lacus the 'Princess' of PLANTs being introduced to Cagalli the 'Princess' of Orb is another way of strengthening this treaty, having the children of their individual leaders become friends on a neutral space colony where they can spend time together out of the limelight just seems to make sense and if Cagalli's twin brother just happened to live on this colony...well, that's another story. 

Dear Splishims, In Regards To Our 'Engagement'
 What do you think? 
*thoughtful frown*
Should I have it engraved? 

Blatant Self Advertisement Here
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Read the fics.
Review the fics.  
*strikes a pose* 
And I'll keep on writing the fics~! *pathetic attempt at a threatening look* 

Because I promised Lisa-Chan, even though it won't be continued...
 [Summary] He didn't believe in God, so why was this world so twisted, its graphics distorted? The boy held the key to that answer, the one with crimson eyes, and so he had taken his hand. Let him lead him through the never ending dance of destiny. (Heavily AU)
[Pairings] Currently Gen—pairings will be decided on eventually but I am still leaning towards Shinn x Setsuna, as I was going to in the original.
Phase 01: The Dawn of Destiny
Middle Eastern Territories – Kurdistan – Krugis Republic – 0068 C.E

Everywhere he looked it was chaos-Collapse )

Warped, Twisted, Distorted, Morphed--It just keeps going!
 My gundam fic has warped...completely...
It is no longer a crossover with 00, its just SEED and a (massively) overdone idea.
Girl Kira but with a very odd twist. 
Has anyone ever seen a picture of Mayu Asuka? 
*watches with satisfaction as people raise hands* 
Now...look at her and Kira.
Tell me what you see~
*laughs at look of abject horror on Ku-Chan's face as he reads post over shoulder* 
Identical, ne? 

C: I'm sure you can already see where this post is going
*laughs somewhat maniacally*  

This is what I get for revisiting old fics like this. *sighs* Nostalgia sets in and my brain goes fuzzy...

Another Nea anyone?
Ohmygodohmygodohmygod* hyperventilates* Nea Walker! 
His name is Nea Walker!
*goes back to edit all fics* 
...I think my heart just leapt out of my chest via my left ear...
It was the weirdest sensation *dazed grin* and I'm almost convinced that I have lost my mind.
Wait, what am I talking about? *confused* 
Oh yeah~

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I think I shall return to posting all my fics on [info]kuroshiro_fics , the shit going down on is just...too weird...for me to even consider writing there right now. 
'Sides, there's not as many restrictions on LJ as there is over yonder. 

I Is Gundam-Man...(Wikia is a wonderful thing)
Fishy Fears
I've been thinking about whether or not Setsuna should acquire Exia at Heliopolis or not...I've found a 'Cosmic Era' mobile suit that could make a good replacement--it even has a name that can be taken in a biblical sense, just like the Gundams featured in 00--and also gives ZAFT another reason to invade a 'neutral' colony. 
I probably will use it, the info I managed to dig up on Gundam Wiki makes the Testament sound oddly like Exia in a 'I have swords and technology goes screwy in my presence' kinda way. In addition to that, the Testament gives me a way to integrate Shinn into the story before Kira gains the Freedom which is a necessary evil if I want to follow my original plan--I seem to have diverted from that quite thoroughly since I first started this fic. 
The only problem that leaves is how to explain the 'Innovation' of Setsuna. I've thought of saying that the huge amounts of GN particles he was exposed to in Krugis were the cause, along with his (prepubescent) ten year old body, but I'm not sure if that actually makes sense...

(For those that are curious as to what I'm going on about, this post is referring to the first fic I ever wrote and have been slowly working on since I posted the crappy version of the prologue on so very long ago) 

ZGMF-X12A TestamentCollapse )

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 Watching Gundam SEED again...I can't help but wish KiraxCagalli had become the canon couple and weren't twins because that...twincest...thing people seem to like so much... *shudders*
While I like a good mirror complex type relationship but twincest *shudders again* terrifies me. Jake's bad enough. 


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