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Warped, Twisted, Distorted, Morphed--It just keeps going!
 My gundam fic has warped...completely...
It is no longer a crossover with 00, its just SEED and a (massively) overdone idea.
Girl Kira but with a very odd twist. 
Has anyone ever seen a picture of Mayu Asuka? 
*watches with satisfaction as people raise hands* 
Now...look at her and Kira.
Tell me what you see~
*laughs at look of abject horror on Ku-Chan's face as he reads post over shoulder* 
Identical, ne? 

C: I'm sure you can already see where this post is going
*laughs somewhat maniacally*  

This is what I get for revisiting old fics like this. *sighs* Nostalgia sets in and my brain goes fuzzy...


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