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Because I promised Lisa-Chan, even though it won't be continued...
 [Summary] He didn't believe in God, so why was this world so twisted, its graphics distorted? The boy held the key to that answer, the one with crimson eyes, and so he had taken his hand. Let him lead him through the never ending dance of destiny. (Heavily AU)
[Pairings] Currently Gen—pairings will be decided on eventually but I am still leaning towards Shinn x Setsuna, as I was going to in the original.
Phase 01: The Dawn of Destiny
Middle Eastern Territories – Kurdistan – Krugis Republic – 0068 C.E

Everywhere he looked it was chaos – movement, blood, screams. The sound of gunfire blaring out in short staccato bursts as he ran through the small desert city of Krugis, deep mahogany eyes dulled with pain as the tiny slit on his throat, hidden behind a strip of cloth torn from his sleeve, wept tears of blood.

The boy was exhausted, hurt and afraid. He was almost at his limit and yet, he knew that he would keep going long after he passed that mark. He wouldn't care if the world ended right then and there, he probably would have been happy with that. No more pain, no more suffering. He would become part of the empty void he held within him - a dead, empty silent darkness. He could feel it calling him already - that deafening silence that drowned out all the other sounds.

He was coated in slowly drying blood, hardly any of it belonging to him, the sticky red liquid causing his lightly coppered skin to itch and burn as his heart thumped, breaths coming in short pants. He could still hear the recorded message playing loudly, ordering him to continue, to strike down the enemies blocking his path to God…

With a small gasp or air he parted his lips, voice hoarse and cracking with fatigue as the words escaped him; "There is no such thing as God in this world."

Small hands clutched limply at the assault rifle in his arms as he ran, firing a steady barrage of bullets into the enemy forces, his face pointedly blank even as his fingers trembled in agony. White hot flames streaming through his screeching muscles as the recoil shock began taking effect on his worn body and strands of dishevelled brown hair whipping around his face, cheeks roasting under the unforgiving rays of the desert sun.

A beam of harsh, cold, energy burst through one of the mobile suits, splattering parts of the damaged machinery and shrapnel shards across the scorching sand below and the boy couldn’t help but watch in awe. His mahogany gaze turning to the strange mobile suit gliding through the sky on beautiful silvery wings as four more beams were fired, followed swiftly by explosions that had Soran clamping his hands over his ears protectively.

The unit was so graceful, the glowing particles - the ones that made him think of stars on a moonless night, standing stark against the inky canvas of the sky - that made up its wings illuminating the metal frame. He almost felt like he was part of the strange dance going on amongst the rubble, sky and sand as a small pained smile tugged at his lips and he fell into shadowy black fog that had beckoned to him since before the battle had even begun.

United Emirates of Orb – Lagrange 03 – Heliopolis – 0071 C.E

Setsuna jolted upright, bedcovers pooling around his hips and baggy black shirt badly askew, as nimble fingers tangled in his messy dark brown hair desperately. He ground his teeth together for a moment as he battled with the urge to run to the room adjacent to his, the urge to cuddle up against his adoptive brother and bask in his warmth, and tugged harder at his fringe.

“Have another nightmare?” A voice called sleepily, punctuated by a loud yawn, and Setsuna shifted awkwardly as he turned to face the figure lounging in his doorway.

Capricious lilac eyes softened and he made his way through the shadows with a sigh, smooth skin brushing against Setsuna’s own as he slipped into the bed beside him. Two arms—quivering and cold to the touch—wrapped around his shoulders and Setsuna leaned back against his chest, studiously ignoring the fact that he had yet to answer the question.

“I can’t help if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.” The other boy quipped, nuzzling at the downy curls that hung limply around his face.

Chapped lips parted, a supple pink tongue darting out to lather the flesh with moisture, and Setsuna whispered into the marble column of his neck with a frown, “I’m fine Kira.”

“Alright…” Kira murmured, eyeing his trembling hands dubiously as he shifted in the older boy’s loose embrace. Suddenly, as though their previous conversation had never happened, Kira’s expression morphed into an almost sheepish grin and he laughed, "Wanna help me recalibrate the operating system on the flight simulators?”

“Well, Professor Kato asked me to have it, and a good dozen other things, done by yesterday and…” His brother broke off with an oddly flustered smile, ruffling his sleep mussed brown hair. “I only just finished downloading the program.”

"He’s taking advantage of you." He almost spat, eyes narrowed as the revulsion and nausea his nightly trek down memory lane had brought back, almost like those souvenirs Kira’s parents gave him when they returned home from one of their trips to the mainland, coiled tightly in his stomach.

“Please,” Kira mumbled, voice laced with exasperation and something akin to understanding. “Don’t start.”

“It’s true.”

“Even so, I…” He grumbled, lowering his voice to just above a whisper. “I’m the top student; I can’t just start shirking my responsibilities…even if I really want to…”

Setsuna clucked his tongue disapprovingly, irritation giving way to resignation as lightly calloused hands began to rub soothing circles between his shoulder blades. “I have errands to run.”

“It’s fine, I just wanted to spend a little more time together is all.” Kira sighed and hesitantly pulled away as a loud cry—cheery and bright, much like one of the artificial bird calls that played later on in the mornings—filtered in through the window, swiftly followed by a vibrantly coloured mechanical bird.

It twittered, as if it were pleased to see him, and Setsuna stared blankly at the tiny creature as it landed awkwardly on Kira’s shoulder, tugging at his hair with its small beak, before frowning up at the older boy. Kira tilted his head to the side, blinking away the insidious tears Setsuna could see forming in his eyes, and Setsuna’s brow furrowed as he muttered, “Tomorrow, it’ll be just us.”

Lilac eyes brightened, until they were matched only by the sun in their intensity, and Setsuna found himself hesitantly smiling back. It felt rather uncomfortable and his lips twitched in protest every time he tried to fix it but it was a smile nonetheless and the soft blush blossoming on Kira’s cheeks, rosy red and rather pleasing to the eye, informed him of that.

The whole notion seemed rather ridiculous to him, that something so simple could have such a huge effect on someone, but Setsuna didn’t think mentioning that would go over well at that particular moment in time and settled for patting his chest in a silent plea for space. Kira obliged reluctantly, sliding to the other side of the mattress, and Setsuna sighed as Torii gave another happy twitter and hopped onto his knee.

Eying the bird’s beady red eyes and sharp yellow beak apprehensively, the fourteen year old held out his right hand and the bird chirped inquisitively, or as close to it as a machine could manage, as it sidled closer to the offered appendage. A soft giggle drew his attention away from his brother’s robotic pet and Setsuna turned, blinking in surprise, to face the boy sprawled out at the end of his bed.

Setsuna shook his head wearily, slipping the bird off of his hand and onto his shoulder, and growled halfheartedly as the other grinned—lilac eyes shining with mirth and shaggy brown hair lying limply around his face—and let loose another round of giggles.

Choking back his laughter, Kira finally managed to gasp out, “I’ to get ...going...”

His gaze swivelled up, mahogany eyes locking onto Torii’s small form, and the bird flapped its wings impatiently as Setsuna’s smile twisted back into the bland, impassive, mask he had once prided himself on.


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Still don't know the premise or characters really, but it's cute. So do they act like that in the anime, touching frequently and all only to fall for the female leads?

This is a crossover but yeah, Kira and his childhood friend Athrun are very touchy feely. *grins*
Their English Voice Actors, Matt Hill and Samuel Vincent, agree that these characters are very 'yaoi' in official interviews.
Athrun ends up with Kira's twin Cagalli (if that isn't a massive hint I don't know what is) and Kira ends up with Athrun's fiancée...
*blinks and rereads* That sounds so strange...

Setsuna is only like that when he trusts someone completely, mostly his co-pilot Saji. They have a sort of 'bromance' between them that I find amusing but Saji is already engaged so...*sighs* yeah. Cop out.

(Fun fact: Torii the bird was a gift from Athrun)

Cute. And that is a bizarre scenario. Makes me wonder how on earth that happened. Ah, bromance. Have you seen the recent Sherlock Holmes movie? Now that has a lot of bromance. was the most accurate retelling of Sherlock Holmes that the movie industry has ever done. *grins* And Watson was highly amusing although I think the pillow scene topped him by...*holds up thumb and forefinger* this much~!

So true. ^_^ It wasn't exactly accurate to the books, but I felt that they portrayed the characters well. I think the most complaints I've heard were against Irene not being in character.

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