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I Is Gundam-Man...(Wikia is a wonderful thing)
Fishy Fears
I've been thinking about whether or not Setsuna should acquire Exia at Heliopolis or not...I've found a 'Cosmic Era' mobile suit that could make a good replacement--it even has a name that can be taken in a biblical sense, just like the Gundams featured in 00--and also gives ZAFT another reason to invade a 'neutral' colony. 
I probably will use it, the info I managed to dig up on Gundam Wiki makes the Testament sound oddly like Exia in a 'I have swords and technology goes screwy in my presence' kinda way. In addition to that, the Testament gives me a way to integrate Shinn into the story before Kira gains the Freedom which is a necessary evil if I want to follow my original plan--I seem to have diverted from that quite thoroughly since I first started this fic. 
The only problem that leaves is how to explain the 'Innovation' of Setsuna. I've thought of saying that the huge amounts of GN particles he was exposed to in Krugis were the cause, along with his (prepubescent) ten year old body, but I'm not sure if that actually makes sense...

(For those that are curious as to what I'm going on about, this post is referring to the first fic I ever wrote and have been slowly working on since I posted the crappy version of the prologue on so very long ago) 

The Testament is a prototype special operations mobile suit used by the Earth Alliance.
The Testament was originally built as ZAFT's ZGMF-X12A Testament, but was never fielded in combat by ZAFT and was acquired through unknown means by the Alliance. It is not currently known whether Testament has been modified from its original design. The Testament bears a resemblance to the ZGMF-X12 Astray Out Frame, which was built by Junk Guild technician Lowe Guele using parts from an incomplete ZGMF-X12A frame, and some have speculated that the Testament and Out Frame were built from components of the same mobile suit.
The Testament's fixed armaments consist only of 2 waist-mounted beam sabers, 2 chest-mounted CIWS guns, and a pair of Mirage Colloid Virus Spreaders, derived from those of the NMS-X07PO Gel Finieto, which allow the Testament to infect the computers of nearby mobile suits with a virus that disables their controls. This system is located in the two large horns on the Testament's head. In addition, the Testament can use the Trikeros Kai, a large shield which wraps around the right arm and mounts three claws, a beam gun, a retractable sword blade, and stores a pair of beam pistols.
The Testament can also be equipped with the AQM/E-X05 Divine Striker, a Striker Pack which serves as a high-mobility flight system similar to the Aile Striker, and is also capable of forming a giant grappling claw. The Testament can also equip the older Striker Packs designed for the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam, and is equipped with Variable Phase Shift armor and a stealth system. The stealth system's technology has not yet been revealed, but it does not involve the Mirage Colloid system used by the GAT-X207 Blitz, GAT-SO2R N Dagger N, and AMF-103A DINN RAVEN. Instead, it seems to prevent sensors from registering Testament, but has no effect on the naked eye. It is possible that this is achieved through its Mirage Colloid Virus Spreader system.

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Sorry to say, I only know a bit about Gundam Wing, not the other Gundam series...

Setsuna is the main character from Gundam 00, the only Gundam anime set in the Anno Domini calendar.
Shinn is from Gundam SEED / Destiny which is the sequel to Gundam SEED which Kira is from...

(SEED and 00 are the best in my opinion, mostly because of how good the animation is)

*strikes a pose* SEED is best...and sadly...finished. ^^
It's got blatant almost-yaoi between the two main characters...if only they hadn't put female leads for them. *grins^

Heh, don't you hate those conveniently placed heroines? Do you read anything by Yukiru Sugisaki by any chance? Or CLAMP? Because they have an annoying tendancy to hint and hint and hint at boy love but never come out and say it.
Example: In DNAngel, Daisuke transforms into his other self Dark due to his crush on Risa, a girl who never gives him the time of day. The person stalking his alter ego, Satoshi, transforms into Dark's other half, Krad, whenever Satoshi sees Daisuke. Coincidence? I think not. Is it any wonder we pair them up? Sigh. But it seems to be that Satoshi is cannonly heading toward pairing with Risa and Daisuke is in love with Riku, Risa's twin. Bleh.

I've seen the DNAngel anime...I always loved the whole onesided Satoshi x Daisuke thing and CLAMP?
...I've seen Code Geass which has very obvious yaoi between Suzaku and Lelouch (in my opinion at least)but I haven't seen much else...*blushes* I'm a bit of a dork, I prefer my old school manga like Ranma 1/2 and Detective Conan...

CLAMP writes Tsubasa, Xxxholic, X 1999, Card Captor Sakura, Wish, etc.
I liked the DNAngel anime, though I hated the voice overs. It's an amusing anime actually. I read more manga than I watch anime, but now that I'm in anime club at my college, I watch more. Darker than Black, Baccanno!, Dennou Coil, Higashi no Eden, and Higurashi *shudder* are all anime I've watched with my club. I'm a fan of many a manga tho, from Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Skip Beat!, Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragon Knites, anything CLAMP, Anything Sugisaki, and I like Gosho's work as well. I've read some I dislike, but I'm choosey about what I read, so I usually don't have much problem with the series I choose. Ranma 1/2 was an amusing series. Never seen Code Geass before.

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