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I think I shall return to posting all my fics on [info]kuroshiro_fics , the shit going down on is just...too weird...for me to even consider writing there right now. 
'Sides, there's not as many restrictions on LJ as there is over yonder. 

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What's happening on

Various stuff:
There's a new group called the *yawns briefly* Literary Union who, while the seem like nice enough people with good intentions, have a lot of bad (very, very bad) rumours circulating about them.
*shakes head ruefully* It's starting up a few conflicts between people, most of them are the ones' who remember the last time something like this happened, and I really don't want to muster up the energy that being caught in the crossfire will require of me. *sighs*
Besides, half the stuff on there is getting to be pretty lousy at the moment (I blame schooling,or lack thereof) and LJ is far easier to edit if you screw up yeah? *grins*

So true about the editing. It is harder to search for stuff though. Filtering doesn't work the same way.
Sigh. I never really get involved with arguments, whatever they may be. Especially if it's controvercial. It only leads to hate...Perhaps this is why I highly dislike politics and sporting events? Competitiveness can be good but it has a massive ugly side. Like grandmas at kids' soccer games cursing out the other team...They're ten year olds for goodness sake. Whatever..
I am watche=ing a few things on, and to find new stuff, I peruse the fav section of authors I like. I figure, if they like it, I might like it, because you write what you like, right? Well, usually you do.

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