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Odd 'What If?' Scenario~
 Really weird question: 
How would the SEED story have changed if Lacus Clyne had gone to visit Heliopolis for a concert? 

My theory for why she is performing in Orb territory is to advertise a peace treaty between PLANTs and Orb. If Siegel Clyne had gone about it the right way then this situation would have been possible, both he and Uzumi Nara Athha strike me as men with similar ideals who would do anything they could to protect their people so...yeah... 
Having Lacus the 'Princess' of PLANTs being introduced to Cagalli the 'Princess' of Orb is another way of strengthening this treaty, having the children of their individual leaders become friends on a neutral space colony where they can spend time together out of the limelight just seems to make sense and if Cagalli's twin brother just happened to live on this colony...well, that's another story. 


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